Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling CO-ED & WOMEN'S SELF-DEFENSE

Women’s Self-Defense

This workshop teaches realistic self-defense Jiu Jitsu techniques that stem from the most common positions that attackers force women into. These techniques include counter-attacks such as sweeps and submissions from specific pins, holds, and chokes.


Co-Ed Self-Defense

This workshop focuses on Jiu Jitsu based counter-attacks that have been battle-tested in actual self-defense scenarios. These classes focus on simple and effective attacks that also utilize leverage and can be executed on an individual much larger than you.


*All self-defense workshops and seminars are taught in small group, large group, and/or private lesson settings upon request. Coach Trasso has experience instructing both co-ed and women’s self-defense seminars for various groups such as the Glen Rock Girl Scouts, Glen Rock Board of Education, Glen Rock High School, and local citizens from the Bergen County area.

Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling

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