Frequently Asked Questions

Uniform Questions:

What do I bring to my first class?

If possible, please try to arrive 15 minutes early so that you can meet the staff and instructor, sign a waiver, and become orientated with our space.

As far as footwear goes bringing some flip flops/ sandals is a good idea. No shoes are permitted on the mats. That’s why walking up to the mats with flip-flops is a great idea for a seamless transition.

If you have a gi of your own, bring it! If not, we have rental gis available as well as gis for purchase.

For a no-gi class, a rashguard and shorts should be worn.

And of course, a water bottle is highly recommended. We have a filtered water station you can refill as needed.

What are uniform requirements?

All students’ uniforms must be clean. DO NOT wear a dirty uniform that has not been washed after previous use. Certain classes have certain requirements:
i. Gi Classes – Student must wear a gi (kimono) as well as the belt that represents their rank.
ii. No Gi & Wrestling Classes – Student must wear a rash guard top and athletic shorts with no pockets.

I do not own a gi, rash guard, or athletic shorts, can I borrow or buy one there?

Absolutely! If we have your size available in our rental closet you can borrow one for that class. If you prefer to purchase one, you can do so at our front desk as well.

Which class do I need wrestling shoes for?

The only class you need wrestling shoes for are the folkstyle wrestling classes. You do not need wrestling shoes for wrestling for jiu jitsu class or jiu jitsu class, in fact, it is recommended not to wear wrestling shoes unless you are recovering from an ankle, foot, or toe injury and prefer to wear one during recovery.

Cleaning & Hygiene:

What are your cleaning protocols? Is the gym clean?

We care about the health and safety of our students. Bathrooms and lockers are cleaned daily and all mats are swept in between classes, mopped, and sterilized at least once a day. Our facility is equipped with Medify Air ©, a medical-grade air purifier system that is proven to remove 99.99% of airborne COVID-19 & SARS-Cov-2 particles, as well as other viruses and bacteria. Lastly, Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling has a professional cleaning service that deep cleans the entire gym premise.

Are the lockers and showers open to everyone?

Yes! All students and visitors have access to use the lockers and showers.

Can I walk off the mats with no shoes?

No! Please, wherever you are, always where shoes, sandals, or flip flops when you are not on the mat. Failure to do so will track bacteria and dirt onto the mat.

Kids Classes Questions:

What are the benefits of Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling for my child?

No matter what size, strength level, coordination, or athleticism, your child will reap all the benefits from training in Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. Training in a martial art teaches your child discipline, perseverance, respect, discipline, while naturally improving their coordination, balance, social skills, reflexes, and flexibility. Most important, martial arts training boosts your child’s self-esteem, knowing they have the tools to stand up for themselves as well as physically defend themselves if the situation escalates.

Will my child be safe?

Every student’s safety is essential during class. Our 2.5-inch FUJI Mats provide a safe cushion that brace your child’s fall. We also have every pole and wall padded that is within the mat space to provide a 100% safe and padded leaning environment for our students. Lastly- our staff keeps a close eye on all students during the entire duration of class making sure everyone is as safe as they can be.

General Questions:

I would like to drop in and try a class, is that OK?

Absolutely! Every person is eligible for a free trial class. If you are dropping by for a second time, you can purchase a drop in class (see pricing for details).

What is basic etiquette inside Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling?

a. No shoes on the mat!

b. Shoes, sandals, flip flops, etc must be worn at all times when you are off the mat.

c. Never wear a dirty or unwashed uniform to class

d. During class (students) please be quiet and remain focused and alert

e. During class (spectators) please be quiet and do not distract the class

f. Parents – we ask you DO NOT coach your child or children during class. Please
leave that to the instructor.

g. Respect everyone at all times. Instructors & staff are there to help you and your
fellow students are there to learn and have fun


Are there men’s and women’s classes?

Currently all classes at our school are for both men and women!

What is the difference between Folkstyle Wrestling and Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu Classes?

Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu classes solely focus on the neutral position (standing) and executing takedown offense and defense. In essence – this class will teach you how to bring the fight to the ground. Folkstyle Wrestling classes are for student-athletes who wrestle for school (8th grade, high school, college, etc). These classes follow standard scholastic wrestling (aka folkstyle wrestling) rules and regulations. Classes include neutral position (takedowns and takedown defense), top position (tilts and pinning combinations), as well as bottom (escapes and reversals).

When is the off-season Folkstyle Wrestling program?

March – November

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