TEEN & ADULT Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu

Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling TEEN & ADULT Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu

Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu class

Solely focuses on developing students’ knowledge around wrestling position, movement, takedown offense, and takedown defense. This class provides students with tools needed to safely take the fight to the ground and seamlessly transition into their Jiu Jitsu game. Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu class helps students merge both arts, therefore becoming more cognizant of the opportunities and threats of utilizing Wrestling in Jiu Jitsu. This class will significantly benefit current wrestlers who are active at a wrestling club, high-school, or even college level. All belt ranks can attend this class and wrestling shoes are NOT needed.

Student must wear a rash guard top and athletic shorts with no pockets.

Warmup, instruction, drilling, positional, situational and/or live sparring.

Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling

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